Paola Saia
My name is Paola Saia and I’ve been an event planner since 2002. I started promoting underground art and then I decided to focus my job as art director of unconventional events, mainly inspired by vintage.Pois Gras is a small photo agency founded to follow my passions: the history of costume, the vintage style, makeup and photography.During these years I often received requests concerning the organization of bachelorette parties: my clients wanted something different and classy.I started organizing small events with a retro flavour, during which participants could share some time together, imitating a diva or an iconic character,  attending a make-up course, learning to pose, using vintage accessories, cooking and so on.I personally take care of outfits and props creating different typical settings for each era, without forgetting the importance of makeup and styling; no detail is left to chance. For example, in “Chez Tiffany”, an event inspired by Audrey Hepburn, I propose makeup from the 50s and 60s, vintage accessories, a sweets table and a photo session inside an amazing 5-star hotel: Chateau Monfort in Milan.Thanks to my skills and creativity, those that were afternoons spent with friends, have become themed parties: a perfect opportunity for corporate events or dinners. For example “Gatsby was a Robot“: a retro-chic party that mixes the roaring 20s with modern times and a special touch of pop contents. During the evening we offer a photo booth with original vintage props, our performers blend in with people creating amusing and amazing situations. We set up a speakeasy bar tasting drinks of the prohibition period, listening to swing music, dancing on electro-swing sounds.Speaking about companies and team building, we collaborate with a group of chefs arranging events inspired by housewives from the 50s with lots of fun for everyone. We engage participants in a series of activities: preparing a quick dinner, cleaning stains from of an apron, welcoming guests.We also organize activities for families and children, such as the mother/child photo book or the “Glitter Ballerina” birthday party, with tutus and small labs with glitter in the playroom.Speaking about mothers and daughters, often my clients ask me for a photo book with their mom, which also includes professional anti-age makeup. A real treat!Every occasion is perfect to create a special and beautiful experience, not necessarily vintage or retrò, but always memorable.
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